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Online tutoring: provides one to one live tutoring in all subjects for all grades through virtual classroom. V classrooms of our company are equipped with audio and text chat and a special shared whiteboard which facilitates the tutor and the student to interact with each other in a real time environment.  You can schedule your session at the time of your convenience. Regular assessments are the part of our online tutoring programs.
Homework help: - Stuck with a problem in maths or need help for tomorrow’s physics test.  Just log on to Our academic experts are available 24X7 to guide you step by step through all the problems in all subjects of all grades.
Assignment Help: - No more struggling with long tiring and time consuming assignments. Get step by step assignment help via email in Math, physics, Chemistry, Science, Accounts, Finance, Statistics, Business studies, Computer Science and English.
Exam Preparation: - Preparing for exams like SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP, CLEP, KS1-3 or AS/A levels, is right platform for you. Our highly educated and experienced experts will guide you through the pattern of the exam and will teach you the useful tips to crack the exam. Mock tests are the important part of Exam preparation package with us.
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Our Tutors


Hi Shawn,

Date: 26/06/2010

I am very pleased to inform you that my son Jaime passed the Math Regents with a 76!

We are very happy for him and my wife and I wish to thank you and Vinay and Ram for helping him through it. Many thanks.

-- Jaime


Hi Shawn,

Date: 22/06/2010

Thanks for following up on my son's exam results. He told me that he felt good after the test and feels he did well. We are trying to find out when to expect the test results. We'll let you know when we receive the results ourselves.

-- Jaime


Dear Jaime,

Date: 20/06/2010

The exam is over now. Please let me know how was the exam and what is the date of the result? we are waiting for your result eagerly. Please do send the feedback for the exam.

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